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Biography of Thutmose III

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Biography of Thutmose III
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The Egyptian king, Thutmose III, was born in 1530 B.C.  He was an Egyptian Pharaoh who was one of the greatest Egyptian rulers. Thutmose III was the son of Thutmose II and Isis, one of Thutmose’s wives. Thutmose III was supposed to rein when his father died, but that didn’t happen. He shared rein with his father’s wife or also known as his aunt, Hatshepsut. Thutmose III was held in the background as Hatshepsut took over. For about 22 years, Thutmose III had very little power.

Thutmose III married Hatshepsut’s youngest daughter, Meritre. They had a child together named Amenhotep II. When Thutmose III died, Amenhotep II took over.

Thutmose III was the sixth Pharaoh of Egypt in the Eighteenth Dynasty. He was a brilliant military leader and great ruler. He ruled Egypt on his own for 32 years.  He was many things including a Pharaoh, general, administrator, statesmen, horseman, archer, and an athlete.

          While he was a general he never lost a battle. Thutmose expanded Ancient Egypt to its greatest size ever. He re-established Egyptian control over Syria and Nubia. He was also sometimes referred as the “Napoleon of Egypt” because he took over 350 cities during his rule. He conquered much of the Near East, from the Euphrates to Nubia.  He changed Ancient Egypt to a Superpower. He also built many temples throughout Egypt.

          Since Hatshepsut took over Thutmose’s rein the first 20 years, it was thought that there were some hard feelings toward her. As many monuments of hers were destroyed, Thutmose was supposedly involved with it, out of hatred of her. It was later on to be discovered that Thutmose did have something to do with that, but it wasn’t out of hatred. Thutmose did try to erase when Hatshepsut was in rule because in that time women did not rule. Thutmose tired to destroy all of Hatshepsut's monuments. The destroying of her monuments took place in Thutmose’s 42nd rein showing that it was just to erase that a women was in rule not of hating Hatshepsut. 

         Thutmose III died in 1450 B.C. His tomb is in the Valley of the Kings (KV34). He died on his 54 year of rein. If only he died one month and four days later, he would have made it to his 55th year being in control.

          Thutmose III mummy was found in the Deir el-Bahri Cache about the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut in 1881. The mummy of him was in bad condition since tomb robbers got to it already. Thutmose III was a very short man. He was not even five feet tall. His mummy is now placed in the Cairo Museum.